Reskilling The Workforce For The Future To Boost Productivity And Profitability

re-skilling the workforce for the future

Importance of Reskilling 50% of Employees for a Future-Ready Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on workplaces and as a result, the overall industrial environment seems to be changing much faster than ever before. Besides, the rapid advancement of evolving technologies has led to fear among companies with regard to skills shortages which are likely to dodge them in near future. To avoid being adversely affected by the shortage of employee skills, at least half of the working staff needs to upgrade of skills by the year 2025. The only way for overcoming work-related problems is to reskilling the workforce so that they can be retained. Remember, workplaces are becoming increasingly tech-driven and to that effect, the importance of soft skills and human contributions will be the most sought-after attributes for raising business productivity.

Skill, reskill and upskill in order to remain relevant in the rapidly changing environment
– Shri. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Developing soft skills

From the employees’ point of view, it is vital that you think of re-skilling your career, or else, there is a possibility that you might lose your job. Millions of employees the world over are facing this harsh reality and could be replaced with an altogether new workforce by companies that is competent to take on the newer challenges which are likely to be faced by the industry ahead. Alternatively, many companies might even consider re-skilling their employees by enabling them to master certain soft skills for avoiding the loss of valuable human resources. Across the globe, the industry has already seen an exponential rise in the loss of employee jobs because of advances in office automation and artificial intelligence processes. It is further estimated that as much as a third of the industrial workforce may lose jobs due to machines.

Developing a new workforce

Thus, the importance of up-skilling and re-skilling employees can be realized by both companies as well as individuals that are looking to do better jobs. Re-skilling is necessary for a quickly changing work environment and companies require employees with updated skills for operating efficiently as well as effectively. And the skill updates will also help companies in retaining loyal and highly experienced employees. Even if office automation and AI processes replace several jobs, some things like human intelligence and soft skills such as leadership, interpersonal communications and teamwork will always be the basis for a lucrative career. But to achieve such expertise, employees must be trained.

Reskilling Employees For a Better Tomorrow!

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Developing new workplaces

Hence, companies must invest in re-skilling the workforce for the future so that they can prevent a skills gap within the coming time. This is because the emerging new workplaces of the future will require excellent leadership skills at all levels for managing businesses better. Training programs for updating employee skills are available for re-skilling of employees and the right place to find them is the internet.

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