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Alok Ray

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Brief Introduction:
Mr. Alok Ray, Whose goal is to maximize potential through individual attention, for whom students’ bright future comes first. Now he caters 16+ years of experience in Open source PHP, Laravel, WordPress, and MYSQL and is also a gold medallist in MCA. He conducted 20+ seminars and workshops on software development.

Mr. Alok is post-graduated with a master’s in computer application, and he caters his skills in Open Source for over 17 years. Get benefits from our best PHP tutor with his experience and knowledge.

He worked on different projects across a variety of industries. His preference is practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge, and he can assist with learning or completing various tasks.

Skills & Abilities as a technology professional:
He worked with E-commerce, Hospital Domain Products, and big companies using his Open Source skills. Throughout his career, he worked on multi-Technology projects and various Domains, such as e-commerce, Healthcare, auto finance, Software Technology (B2B, B2C), Real Estate, Education, Travel, and Hospitality.

He is the best WordPress tutor and also has expertise in Open Source PHP, MySQL, Laravel, React JS, Node JS, and Python.

Goals as a tutor:
As a tutor and consultant, he believed his ability to empathize makes him a strong Developer. He believes every student can excel in their respective fields if a great teacher teaches them. Mr. Alok aims to help students to Get Placement & start their careers as Software developers.

He believes in imparting the most valuable knowledge to his students. In Software Development training, this is a clear role and responsibility. He always strives to add a unique approach to his teaching techniques and professional consulting.

Certified Laravel

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