What Is Chat GPT? How Does Chat GPT Work? And Know How It Can Be Used?

how chatgpt works

Many of you may wonder what is Chat GPT. Well, it is a very recently launched smart chat app. Ever since the launch of Chat GPT in November 2022, even experts are surprised and many of them are still skeptical. In this blog post, we will discuss what chat GPT actually is and how it works. Besides, you may also come to know how you can use chat GPT in your business projects.

What exactly is chat GPT?

Chat GPT (Generator Pre-training Transformer) is a generative language model which in practice is an artificial intelligence (AI) chat. It is designed and trained for holding natural conversations. OpenAI is the research company that owns chat GPT. Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever and Wojciech Zaremba founded OpenAI in the city of San Francisco way back in 2015.

How can you use chat GPT?

For many of you who think, “What is Chat GPT used for?” here is some information that can give you a brief idea regarding how you can use chat GPT. It has several applications and some of them can be used for asking questions and thus, enjoying a good time. Here are a few chat GPT apps that you can use:

1. With chat GPT, it is possible to generate texts that are well-written and coherent. The texts can be written in a variety of languages, and styles and on different topics. You can also generate stories, and write product descriptions, news, or summaries by using chat GPT.
2. With chat GPT you can also analyze problems and generate answers or solutions to overcome the issues.
3. Chat GPT can be effectively used for generating responses for a wide range of contexts for a chatbot that is appropriate and consistent.
4. By using chat GPT, you can even generate messages and attractive posts for various social media networking sites.
5. It is possible to generate emails, reports, and other content for apps concerning productivity with the help of chat GPT.
6. By using chat GPT, it is also possible to analyze large data sets. This way you can extract valuable information from available data.

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In what way does chat GPT work?

Many of you may wonder, “How does Chat GPT work?” Let us know about it below.

Chat GPT or Chat Generator Pre-training Transformer is basically a generative language model which is designed on the basis of transformer structure or architecture. Chat GPT models have the capacity to process stupendously large amounts of data, texts, and even language tasks efficiently. But GPT models can be trained for generating very well-written texts.

However, the size of a chat GPT model will influence its language processing capacity. The largest of the chat GPT models ever trained is the GPT 3 model which is 175 billion parameters in size. GPT 3 is trained for a text set of over 8 million documents and more than 10 billion words. So, this particular model can do natural language processing jobs and generate well-written coherent texts.

Well-trained chat GPT models can perform different types of tasks. To train GPT models, researchers used reinforcement learning techniques that were based on human feedback. AI trainers (humans) supervised the chat GPT training process and also did fine-tuning. The conversations provided for the purpose by AI trainers represented both the user and the AI assistant. AI trainers even provided coaches along with written suggestions for enabling the user and AI assistant to write proposals.

To ensure this, human AI trainers mixed this very new dataset with Instruct GPT dataset which was turned into a dialogue format. But there was a need to create a reward model for the purpose of reinforcement learning. So, chat GPT researchers collected comparison data which comprised multiple model responses.

The responses were ranked per their quality and for collecting data, AI trainers randomly picked some of the conversations which they had with the particular chat GPT model. This was primarily done to test different endings for coaches so that they can be ranked.

These reward models can be adjusted by using proximal policy optimization techniques. The training was carried out on the Microsoft Azure Platform on a Super Computer. However, for using GPT in chat, any model needs an input which is the text. The text can be a question or any other sentence in its context. Based on the text, GPT will generate a suitable and coherent response. It is this response that is used in a chatbot or other apps where it becomes necessary to generate texts from the input provided.

Why is chat GPT said to be transformer-based?

A transformer is a type of machine-learning model that is specially designed for processing a sequence of elements by using transformation. The term transformation refers to a data processing method that is used on a sequence of elements.

The transformer architecture permits the GPT model to analyze different parts of the input in detail at the time of processing the sequence of elements that in this case is sentences or characters of a word. The transformer processes the information (input) efficiently and even ensures that the task of processing natural language is accurately performed. That is why it is said chat GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) is a generative language model which has transformer architecture.

Chat GPT models are designed for processing sequences of elements (words in a sentence in this case) by using transformation with detailed attention. The transformer structure proves to be highly effective for the easy processing of natural language tasks. It has also revolutionized the manner in which many NLP tasks can be approached.

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How do the makers of chat GPT benefit?

With chat GPT, OpenAI makes a lot of money if the following 5 different ways.

1. Paid APIs for easy access to GPT – Some APIs have been specifically developed by OpenAI for advanced GPT models like GPT 3. These models can be used by companies/ enterprises in their own apps and services. The models are easily accessible with paid APIs and enterprises can use them for processing natural language tasks in their own apps.

2. GPT-based app development services – OpenAI collaborates with big organizations and companies for developing and implementing GPT-based applications and services. OpenAI gets paid for the expert assistance that they provide.

3. Selling of GPT-generated content – OpenAI may also sell GPT-generated content to individuals and companies that are interested in using these types of content for their own business purposes.

4. Consultation and training for use of GPT – OpenAI even offers its consultation and training expertise to companies and big organizations for the use of GPT in their projects and applications. These are essentially paid services.

5. Use of GPT by other companies under license – OpenAI may also offer a license to other companies and organizations to use GPT for a hefty fee. The license might include selling exclusive usage rights or non-exclusive usage rights.

To sum it up, OpenAI created chat GPT as a language-generating model that is based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Chat GPT is a smart chat application that can process different types of language tasks for ensuring conversations that are consistent as well as logical. Thus, the world is now facing a new type of technological revolution with regard to language models.

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