Top 10 Reasons To Learn Python


Why Python Is Important To Learn?

A high-level programming language, Python is used for developing a wide variety of web applications and intelligent bots. There are several reasons to learn Python as Python programming is an easy programming language and can be implemented in programming various platforms. Here are the top 10 reasons to learn Python.

Reasons To Learn Python

  1. Beginner-friendly: Beginners who are new to programming, shall consider learning Python. It is very beneficial. English syntax makes it a lot easier to understand Python and also implements the same for new learners. Python linearly runs code, allowing you to examine it immediately and make changes if needed. This helps to reduce compilation time.
  2. Libraries to facilitate data: Python and libraries make it easier to execute information analysis, data collection, refinement, data cleaning, machine learning, and visualization of the data. Mostly, companies that invest in Data Science consider hiring skilled Python experts.
  3. Worldwide recognition and usage: Python is the third most popular programming language, especially due to its thousands of modules, codes, programs, and free-accessed libraries. Python is an open-source platform. It has been a freely accessed technology for over 20 years.
  4. Utilized by top companies: Procedural, object-specific, and functional programming are supported by Python. Due to its versatile application, it is utilized by top companies worldwide and thus creates demands for highly skilled professionals in Python. Instagram, DropBox, Uber, Spotify, Netflix, etc. are built based on Python.
  5. Career opportunities: Python is one of the skills in great demand. Highly skilled Python professionals are hired by top-notch companies like Netflix, Yahoo, Microsoft, Instagram, etc. Some of the popular career opportunities for Python professionals are Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Front End Developer, etc. The average salary reported for a Python Developer in India is around Rs 5.8 lakh.
  6. Web development: Web development is one of the reasons to learn Python. It is quite popular among web developers as it is efficient and easily readable. It offers various options such as Django, Pyramid, Flask, Bottle, and advanced content management systems.
  7. GUI Development with Python GUI Frameworks: There are many Python frameworks like Tkinter, Streamlit, PySimpleGUI, PyGUI, Plotly Dash, Kivy, and others that offer unique graphical user interfaces that enable programmers to create GUI applications. Python GUI libraries can assist you in many tasks such as game and app development, etc.
  8. Good for Testing: Python stands out as an exceptional programming language for validating ideas. It makes coding easy across different cross-platform environments with its numerous built-in frameworks and libraries such as DocTest, Testify, Unittest, Robot, PyTest, etc.
  9. Supportive community: It has very strong support from the community. You can refer to guides, tutorials, etc., and upgrade your Python coding skills.
  10. Versatile: Python is versatile and can be used to create programs for different devices and platforms.

Python is one of the most popular technical skills and is used by top multinational companies for their programming. People who desire to become web developers or sharpen their programming should learn Python.


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