How To Create an Instagram Collab Post and Get Benefitted?

Instagram Collab Post

Instagram launched a collab post at the end of 2021. This feature helps users to connect to other brands as well as accounts on one platform. Besides, users can also make use of this feature to share content in alliance with some other account. Read on to know more about collab posts.

Now many of you may think as to what is an Instagram collab post. Well, it means that one Instagram user can post content from two accounts. So, when you post content through a collab post:

  1. The names of two account holders can be seen on the header post
  2. As the post will be shared between two accounts, two sets of followers will follow it
  3. The content shared by the original author will be live on both the Instagram accounts
  4. There will be sharing of likes, views and comments from followers of both the accounts

But first, it is vital that you know how to create an Instagram collab post. Let us learn about it now.

6 Easy Steps To Create The Best Instagram Collab Posts An Get Great Results

It is easy to create an Instagram collab post. You just have to follow these 6 simple steps.

  1. To create the post you need to first click on the + sign
  2. You can upload your content and then click on “Tag people”
  3. In this next step, you need to click on the “Invite collaborator” button
  4. You can then search for an Instagram account and click on the user’s profile
  5. You need to wait for the account holder to accept your invite
  6. The user of another account must accept your invitation. It is only them that your post will be live on both the user accounts

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If you want to share your content on multiple accounts then you need to repeat the process with the other users.

Reap Big Benefits of Instagram Collaboration Posts And Boost Your Business Profitability

The benefits of Instagram collab posts are many. Let us have a look at some of these.

  1. If your content is good then you can fast expand your reach to the targeted audience. This will help you to boost awareness of your brand.
  2. You can gain more number of followers through collab posts. New people from multiple accounts will want to know about your products and services.
  3. You will get likes and comments from many Instagram users. And many of them will share your posts with those within their networks. The more the number of shares the more you will gain.
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