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If you are thinking of getting enrolled for a good web designing training in vadodara then there could be better place than Vtechlabs. You will have the opportunity to get knowledge as well as skills to create innovative and attractive website designs. The demand for qualified and experienced web designers is growing year over year.

Our graphic designing institute in vadodara are specifically designed to help students in understanding the requirements of the IT industry. We have a highly qualified team of web professionals that has many years of teaching experience. Besides, our web design training courses are totally structured. Contact Us Now

About Our Web Designing Course in Vadodara In A Nutshell

  • Web Designing Course Overview - Our web designing course in vadodara offers training courses that enable students to create web pages by using programming languages like Javascript, CSS and xHTML with software such as Dreamweaver.
Best graphic design courses in vadodara

Who All May Find Our Web Designing Institute in Vadodara Useful?

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    You can get enrolled for our web designing training institute in vadodara if you fall in one of the below mentioned categories.

  • You want to be a web designer or CSS developer and join industry as a professional for staring a career.
  • You are a PHP programmer who wants to learn web designing for handling problems related to website designs and layouts.
  • You are a graphic designer and intend to scale up & convert your pre-press & mock-up designs to website designs.

Who Needs Web Designing Course in Baroda?

The training courses which provide at this web designing institute in vadodara are primarily meant to help web professionals who want to create and maintain personal or other companies’ websites. So, if you intend to develop skills in using CSS or html effectively, you may find our course useful.

Requirements to Enrol Graphic Design Courses in Vadodara

Participants have to be well versed with usage of computers and internet. To that effect, if you have no experience on computers, you can enrol for our evening or weekend courses.

Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction of Stock Photography
  • Types of Image Graphics
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Interface Tour of Photoshop
  • Colour Modes and Resolution Options
  • File Types in Photoshop
  • Using Photoshop Tools with Real-time Examples
  • Move Tool
  • Marque Tools
  • Lasso Tools
  • Quick Selection / Magic Wand
  • Crop / Slicing Tool
  • Image Manipulation Tools
  • Brushes
  • Patterns
  • Gradients
  • Pen Tool / Shape Tool
  • Text Tool

Working with Layers, Grouping and Smart Objects

Image Adjustments

Layer Masking, Layer Clipping

Using Blending Options to create unique effects

Filter Effects


  • Introduction
  • Html Documents
  • Structural Elements of Html Documents
  • Formatting Html Documents
  • Managing Images in Html
  • Tables in Html Documents
  • Hypertext and Link in Html Documents
  • Special Effects in Html Documents
  • Multimedia

Bootstrap - Design CSS

  • Introduction
  • Grid Layout
  • Typography
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Button
  • Handling
  • Helper CSS

Designing a Logo (text base only)

Creating a Business Card (basic theme)

Design Banners for Website

Real-time Website Layout Design

Practical: Jpeg Layout PSD & PSD TO HTML Conversion