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If you are looking for software testing classes in Vadodara then the best place to do get enrolled is vtechlabs. The company offers qa training in vadodara that are in tune with the latest trends in software industry and enable students to get jobs with leading IT companies in the country quickly. To ensure that emphasis is laid on development of skills. Participants can get hands-on experience by using our advanced Lab infrastructure and even the study material has been designed accordingly.

Top Benefits Offered By Our Quality Assurance Courses in Vadodara

  • Useful for developing software solutions as per customers’ needs and requirements.
  • Higher salaries on jobs as demand for competent QA professionals is constantly increasing.
  • It becomes easier to convey complex problems to software engineers & marketing professionals.
  • Facilitates scheduling of software audits on a routine basis.
  • Enables implementing different types of testing methods.
  • Resolve conflicts, which may arise during the QA process.

Why Get Enrolled For A Good Software Testing Course In Vadodara?

  • The demand for efficient software testers has been growing year over year and for that trained testing professionals are required.
  • Ailing economic situations or recession in country do not have any bearing on jobs for Quality Analysts, companies still need software testers for maintaining systems.
  • Some companies recruit Quality Analysts on contract basis for various projects & implementation of new programs and for that; you can register today with our software testing institute in Vadodara. Therefore, there is very good future scope trained testers.
  • For achieving business objectives even companies have started raising their budget every year and this has helped create market for software testers the world over.
  • QA jobs are now getting tremendous importance in IT industry. Companies need Quality Assurance Inspectors and Analysts for manual as well as automation software testing. Our manual testing course in Vadodara will help you to explore more about your software-testing career.

Testing Fundamentals – 2 to 3 Session

  • Software Testing - Introduction – Importance
  • Seven Fundamental Principles of Testing
  • Software Testing Life Cycle

Types of Testing – 4 to 5 Session

  • Manual Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Smoke and Sanity Testing
  • What is Regression Testing?
  • Non - Functional Testing

Guest Lectures – 4 Session

  • Automation Introduction & Some other points
  • Introduction for Testing Tool

TestCase Development – 2 to 3 Session

  • First Steps Test Case Development
  • Test Scenario
  • Test Case Specifications
  • Test Basis
  • Traceability Matrix

Testing Techniques – 1 Session

  • Equivalence Partitioning & Boundary Value Analysis
  • Black Box
  • White Box
  • Grey Box

Defects – 2 to 3 session

  • Defects

1 Live Project for Testing (Practical Session) – 5 session